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The Best Volleyball Hairstyles For Women Volleyball Athletes
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The Best Volleyball Hairstyles For Women Volleyball Athletes

Women Volleyball Player Braid Hairstyle

When it comes to playing women's volleyball, having the right hairstyle can make all the difference. Not only does it help with performance, but it also adds a touch of flair and style to your overall look on the court.

But what is the best way to style your hair for playing women's volleyball? In this article, we'll explore the most effective hairstyles for female volleyball players, as well as the reasons why they work.

Why Hair Matters in Women's Volleyball

Before diving into the best hairstyles, it's important to understand why hair matters in women's volleyball. While it might seem like a trivial aspect of the game, hair can actually impact a player's performance in several ways.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Vision: Volleyball players need to have a clear line of sight to the ball at all times. Long, loose hair can get in the way and obscure a player's vision, making it harder to track the ball and react quickly.
  • Distraction: In the heat of the game, a player's hair can become a distraction if it's constantly in their face or bouncing around. This can be especially true for players with longer hair.
  • Safety: Finally, hair can also pose a safety hazard if it gets caught in equipment or tangled with another player's hair. This is why many volleyball players choose to tie their hair back or wear protective headbands.

With these factors in mind, let's explore the best hairstyles for women's volleyball players.

The Top Hairstyles for Women's Volleyball

Ponytail Hairstyle For Volleyball

The classic ponytail is a tried-and-true hairstyle for female athletes, and for good reason. It keeps hair out of your face and off your neck, while also allowing for maximum movement and flexibility on the court. Here are a few tips for perfecting the volleyball ponytail:

  • Secure your hair tightly: Make sure your ponytail is secure and won't come loose during play. Use a strong elastic band and consider adding bobby pins or hair clips for extra hold.
  • Position your ponytail high on your head: A high ponytail will help keep hair out of your face and prevent it from bouncing around too much.
  • Consider a scrunchie: A scrunchie can be a great alternative to a traditional elastic band, as it's less likely to cause breakage or damage to your hair.

Braids Hairstyle For Volleyball

Braids are another popular hairstyle for female athletes, as they're both functional and stylish. Here are a few different types of braids to consider:

  • French braid: A French braid is a classic style that starts at the top of your head and weaves down towards the nape of your neck. This style is great for keeping hair out of your face and preventing tangling.
  • Dutch braid: A Dutch braid is similar to a French braid, but the strands are woven under each other instead of over. This creates a raised, 3D effect that can add some extra flair to your look.
  • Fishtail braid: A fishtail braid is a more intricate style that involves weaving two sections of hair together to create a "fishtail" effect. This style can be a bit more time-consuming, but it can also be a great way to add some texture and visual interest to your hair.

Bun Hairstyle For Volleyball

If you prefer a more polished, streamlined look, a bun might be the way to go. Here are some tips for perfecting the volleyball bun:

  • Keep it tight: A loose bun can flop around and become a distraction during play. Make sure your bun is secure and won't come undone mid-game
  • Consider a sock bun: A sock bun is a popular technique for creating a perfectly round, symmetrical bun. Simply cut the toe off a clean sock, roll it into a doughnut shape, and use it to create your bun.
  • Use hairpins: Hairpins can help keep your bun in place and prevent it from slipping or coming undone. Make sure to use enough pins to keep everything secure.

Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyle For Volleyball

If you want to keep some of your hair down but still keep it out of your face, a half-up, half-down style can be a good option. Here are some tips for perfecting this look:

  • Use a hair tie or clip to secure the top half of your hair away from your face.
  • Consider adding braids or twists for extra interest and texture.
  • Make sure your hair is secure and won't come loose during play.

How to Choose the Right Volleyball Hairstyle for Your Hair Type

In addition to considering the style itself, it's important to choose a hairstyle that works well with your hair type. Here are some tips for different hair types:

  • Fine hair: If you have fine hair, a high ponytail or bun can help add some volume and texture. Consider using a texturizing spray or dry shampoo to give your hair some extra grip.
  • Thick hair: If you have thick hair, braids can be a great option as they can help control the volume and prevent tangling. A high ponytail or bun can also work well, as long as you use enough pins or clips to keep everything secure.
  • Curly hair: For curly hair, a half-up, half-down style can be a good option as it allows you to show off your curls while also keeping them out of your face. Consider using a leave-in conditioner or curl cream to help define your curls and prevent frizz.
  • Short hair: If you have short hair, a simple headband or hair tie can help keep it out of your face. Consider using a styling product like pomade or wax to add some texture and hold.

Final Thoughts About Volleyball Hairstyles For Women Volleyball Athletes

Choosing the right hairstyle for playing women's volleyball is all about finding a balance between functionality and style. The hairstyles we've outlined in this article are all great options for keeping your hair out of your face and preventing distractions on the court, while also allowing you to express your personal style and flair.

Remember, the most important thing is to choose a hairstyle that works well with your hair type and allows you to play your best. Whether you prefer a classic ponytail or a more intricate braid, there's a hairstyle out there that's perfect for you.

So go ahead and experiment, and find the perfect hairstyle to take your volleyball game to the next level.



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