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Volleyball Setting Training Techniques: Foundational, Advanced, Deceptive, & Flashy
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Volleyball Setting Training Techniques: Foundational, Advanced, Deceptive, & Flashy

Volleyball Setting Training Techniques


Welcome to the world of volleyball, where the most crucial plays are orchestrated by the most skilled setters. As a volleyball-specific brand with a team made up of high-level college & professional volleyball athletes, we have had the privilege of witnessing the evolution of this position.

Previously, we've written about mastering the art of volleyball setting - 'Mastering the Art of Volleyball Setting: Techniques, Styles, Strength Training, & Training Aids'.

In this article, we will dive into the essential skills every setter must master, explore advanced techniques, reveal deceptive setting moves, showcase flashy tricks, and provide valuable training tips to improve your setting game.

Mastering Essential Volleyball Setter Skills

Hand Positioning and Ball Control

Proper hand positioning is fundamental to setting. Setters must master the art of forming a consistent "diamond shape" with their hands to deliver accurate and controlled sets. Practicing ball control drills, such as fingertip pushes and finger sets against the wall, will enhance touch and feel.

Footwork and Court Awareness

Setters need exceptional footwork to quickly reach the ball and set up an offense. Court awareness is equally crucial, enabling them to anticipate plays, read blockers, and create better attacking opportunities for their hitters. Drills involving movement patterns and situational gameplay can help setters develop these skills.

One way to improve footwork is to make sure to spend time in the gym working on strength training, agility, and plyometrics. To learn more about how to train in the gym as an elite volleyball setter, take a read here - 'A Comprehensive Guide To Strength Training For Volleyball Setters'

Setting Techniques

As a setter, you must be proficient in multiple setting techniques, including the standard overhead set, the quick set, back sets, and dumps. Repetitive practice and mastering the subtleties of each technique will ensure your setting arsenal remains versatile and unpredictable.

Communication Skills

Communication is the backbone of effective team play. Setters must be vocal leaders, directing their hitters and collaborating with teammates to optimize offensive strategies. Developing strong communication skills through constant feedback and support will make a setter invaluable to their team.

Mastering Advanced Volleyball Setter Skills

Jump Setting

Jump setting is a skill that can elevate a setter's play to a new level. By timing the jump correctly, setters can release the ball at the perfect moment, catching defenders off guard and creating more attacking opportunities. This skill requires rigorous plyometric training and impeccable timing.

Dumping with Precision

An advanced setter knows when to take matters into her own hands and execute a dump. This deceptive move involves faking a set and lightly tipping the ball over the net, often catching opponents off guard. Setters can practice this skill through simulated game scenarios.

One-Handed Sets

A truly skilled setter can perform one-handed sets with remarkable accuracy. This technique is especially useful when the ball is slightly out of reach, allowing the setter to maintain the flow of the game. Mastering one-handed sets requires intense hand-eye coordination and strengthening the non-dominant hand.

Deceptive Volleyball Setting Moves

The Fake Back Set

To keep the opposing block guessing, a setter can fake a back set and deliver a quick set to the front attacker instead. This move requires precise timing and convincing body language to deceive the blockers effectively.

The Reverse Set

This deceptive move involves turning the upper body as if preparing for an outside set, only to execute a quick set to the opposite hitter. The reverse set can leave the defense scrambling, providing a unique advantage to the attacking team.

Flashy Volleyball Setter Moves

The No-Look Set

Reserved for the boldest of setters, the no-look set involves setting the ball without looking at the target. While this move can be thrilling, it is not without risk. Setters must develop an extraordinary understanding of their teammates' positions and rely on instinct and peripheral vision to execute this flashy move.

The Behind-the-Back Set

A move that brings flair to the game, the behind-the-back set is challenging but awe-inspiring when executed perfectly. This trick requires tremendous flexibility and coordination, as the setter releases the ball behind her back to surprise the opposition.

Training Tips for Volleyball Setters

Consistent Repetition

To become a master setter, consistent repetition is vital. Daily setting drills, combined with varying degrees of difficulty, will fine-tune your skills and build muscle memory.

A very effective way to get in a lot of reps is by training with the On-Point Volleyball Setting Target. To learn more about this volleyball training equipment aid, take a read here - 'The Best Volleyball Setting Target For Volleyball Teams & Players'.

Video Analysis

Recording and analyzing your performance is an excellent way to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. By studying your setting techniques and decision-making in different game situations, you can make targeted adjustments to your play.

Mental Training

Volleyball setting is not just physical; it's also a mental game. Visualization techniques and meditation can help you stay focused, build confidence, and improve decision-making under pressure.

Work with a Setter Specialist

Seeking guidance from a specialized coach or attending setter camps can provide invaluable insights and personalized training to take your setting abilities to new heights.


As a volleyball setter, mastering the essential skills and progressing to advanced techniques is a journey that requires dedication, hard work, and a passion for the game.

By practicing consistently, expanding your setting repertoire, and incorporating deceptive and flashy moves when appropriate, you can elevate your setting game to the professional level.

Remember, setting is not just about technique; it's about being a leader, a communicator, and an integral part of your team's success. So, step onto the court with confidence, and let your setting prowess shine!



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